Company introduction

    Yangjiang jiangcheng district and the state building materials co., LTD,Is a professional engaged in the research of sewage treatment facilities、Development、Production and sales enterprises。The company's main products are various types of buried sewage tank。

    At present,Commonly used brick and concrete septic tanks,Because of the design、Facilities、Use、Many problems of management etc,Cause95%The above is in use1-2Years later became serious leakage,Because is not taken seriously by people,Leakage problem seriously polluted underground drinking water sources,A more serious cause building different degree tilt。In addition,The traditional brick and concrete septic tank due to lack of technical content,Dealing with water quality is poor,Sewage discharged into serious tenders,The work load of the greatly increased the sewage treatment plant,In the absence of the minority areas of municipal pipeline would traditional septic tank treated sewage directly discharged into rivers,To the surrounding water environment has brought the serious pollution of lakes。Traditional commonly usedDue to the low technical content of brick and concrete septic tank,Decay function is poor,Qing tao cycle is short,If the daily maintenance management does not reach the designated position。There will be gas poisoning,Explosions and other unsafe hidden trouble。

    The company according to the increasingly stringent environmental requirements,On the basis of absorbing domestic and foreign advanced technology,The development and production of new type high strength material effective biological sewage tank,With its simple installation,To save time、Save power、The unique advantages of saving money,Well received by the masses of users。We will continue to be in line with“Science and technology quality cast,The good faithLead in the future”The spirit of enterprise。The bold exploration,To develop,To provide you with first-class products and excellent after-sales service。

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