A lot of overhead equipment leasing co., LTD., mainly engaged in guangdong:Car rental,The work high above the car rental,Hanging basket car rental,Lift car rental,The street lights maintenance car rental,This car rental,Truck rental and other aerial work machinery leasing package affecting、Monthly、Package in business!The company highly from high-altitude equipment work10-40M,Wide application in the engineering construction、The factory building construction、Plant maintenance、The city、Electric power、Street lamp、Communications、The botanical garden、The traffic、Industrial and mining、Industrial installation、Equipment maintenance、Stereoscopic warehouse、The film and television advertising、Aerial pipeline laying、The property maintenance of a variety of venues、Construction of the elevated bridge and coating need to climb in all occasions、Through our service to reduce the customer use the threshold of the large-scale high-end aerial work platform,Reduce the construction and operation costs。Greatly improve the efficiency of the construction,To a large extent reduce the working cost,At the same time also had a clear guarantee construction safety。Solved the construction units on safety concerns.Products are widely used in electric power、Street lamp、The city、The botanical garden、Communication、The airport、To build(Fix it)The ship、The traffic、Advertising、Photography, and other areas of the aerial work。 As the aerial work platform usage growing domestic market,Traditional scaffolding utilization rate is greatly reduced。But relative to the summer,Aerial work platform rents to significantly higher than other seasons,Is mainly decided by seasonal factors。“Based on the security,Take the customer as the center,Good faith for this,The service is supreme”,Become the general new old customers trusted high car rental partner”。Its products efficiently、Quickly、Security、And reliable,Are you the work high above the excellent choice。...
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  • 2017-04-10
    How high car market?
    In today's era of economic development,The development of all walks of life also reached very fast,In the environment,Only people in the development of various industries
  • 2017-04-10
    High altitude vehicle safety operation process
    1.High altitude vehicle working inside the bucket load2People,Workers must wear labor protection articles correctly,Show certificates。Prohibit undocumented high altitude vehicle operation。 2.The operator must be accomplished
  • 2017-04-10
    The work high above the standard grading
    The work high above the standard grading,When homework is of higher labor safety protection measures and strengthen the basis of labor safety and scientific management。This standard applies to all kinds of high homework。 1、
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